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10 Reasons to Host With Steamboat

1. We offer three levels of enterprise-grade website hosting packages featuring either a Windows Server 2008 or Linux/Apache platform.

2. Our high quality Internet feed offers one of the highest percentages of available bandwidth in the industry. This is possible since Steamboat Hosting does not offer Internet accounts to individuals.

3. Scalability. We manage and run our own servers - we don't outsource our hosting. Our scalability means your company can grow on our web servers, with the ability to upgrade and install software as/when needed.

4, More than 15 years experience hosting websites for companies of all sizes, including numerous Fortune 1000 companies.

5. Our network of high speed, redundant Windows 2008 and Linux-based servers average over 99.9% uptime.

6. Flexible Email Services (POP, IMAP and Exchange Servers), including an easy-to-use web-based email utility.

7. Our server bank receives daily backups onto 1000 GB digital data cartridges.

8. Our platform of UPS-protected servers practically eliminates the chance of data loss.

9. Superior Customer Service with guaranteed 24 hour response time - or you don't pay for that month's hosting services. All our customer web sites are polled continuously for availability and optimal performance. Our team of network administrators is notified within seconds (by page and text message) of an identified problem. Data is also gathered for our switches and routers to help identify potential problems before they become problems.

10. Traditional Website and Mobile Website design services through our parent company's divisions of Telluride Websmith, Affordable Web Design and eMobileMe - Steamboat Hosting is a one stop-shop for all your web design and programming projects.